Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A day late and ummmm...forget about those Dollars

Those #Occupythehighway dooshes got to DeeCee today, but darn it- they missed the sooper deficit cutting committee by one day.
Think of that. If they'd have stepped it up just a bit into a rout step instead of a shamble-
The Mobile Occupation protesters--seen here on a highway in Chester, Pa--often marched in the dark because exhaustion caused them to walk slower than anticipated

we could be on the way to fiscal prosperity right now with their adolescent ideas on budget cutting and wealth redistribution.

Because as one leader said:
Bozlee dropped out of college at the University of Hawaii to join Occupy, and says he’d rather travel across America than get a job. “Do I want to work? Only if I wanted a home, wife, kids and a dog. If not, I think you’re ruining your life,” he said.


  1. What's with BHO constantly waving? He can't get in a line up with foreign leaders and he's waving like a kid on the merry go round. Look at me, look at me!

  2. Speaking of drums - catch this chick: http://www.meytalcohen.com/

    Osama waves because he thinks he's a big star, and everyone loves him. I fear for his sanity when reality finally breaks on him - and hope he's safely away from the "football" when it happens.