Sunday, November 06, 2011

Question for Walking Dead Geologists:

Say you have a walker in one of seven dug wells (not the modern pipe casing well)-
Would the entire aquafier be contaminated, or would ,,,,um,,,hydraulic pressure kind of keep the contamination confined to that well?

Personally, I'd be boiling everything that came from every well and then adding two cups of bleach to a water buffalo before I even washed with it.


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  2. When they were lowering Glenn into the well I was of the opinion they should rename the show the Walking Dopes. What a stupid plan.

    As for the water -- there must be a lot of zombie corpses oozing their juices into the ground the already. Not sure another one would matter that much.

  3. I'd say that one that's rotting in the water is bound to leach ick into the rest of the water supply, at least for a while. Yeah, I'd be deconing that water for a long, long time.