Saturday, November 05, 2011

In which I become the posterboy of Godwinism

Because when you saw this article about eye color- if you know "anything" about the Master Race it passed your mind.
Yes, we finally have the answer to Dr. Mengele's quest for blue eyes. 70 years too late.

Now, the question can be answered.
Do colors seen by people with brown eyes look the same to people with blue eyes?
Just wondering because as you (should) know- color is what we see from what is not absorbed by what we're looking at- so brown would seem to be more filtered on brown eyes than blue.


Link fixed


  1. That link went to something about a broken fluorescent bulb causing a bomb and "powder" scare in West Virginia.

    Light enters the eye through the pupil - the iris is the colored part, and does not filter the light the retina sees. It acts like an 'F-stop" setting on a camera, limiting how much light gets through.

    You got the right link? I would like to read that article.

  2. ...ummm yeah, now that I think about it again- you're right.

    Sometimes the PC doesn't copy when I hit copy, I'll put up the right link.