Friday, November 18, 2011

Excuse me, Perfesser....

But when you're in Oz dissing Americas schools and their students, I'd like a little clarification.

Haven't you Democrats been trying to 'fix' education for the last fifty years?
And isn't it you Liberals who are the teachers and policy setters for these same failing schools?

The same schools who forced standardized testing on the entire United States because your students were (and still are) graduating High School being (at best) functionally illiterate.
You Libs keep pointing out how bad schools are doing in fundamentals, but take them away for your experiments in social experiments and free food.

So instead of having smart hungry kids like we did during the (first) depression- today we have fat stupid kids who think the world #OWS them a living.

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  1. Occupiers are the Result of Our Socialistic Education System