Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reinventing San Antonio

Lets see, we have:
  • A growing number of skyscrapers.
  • Decaying streets
  • Racial prefrence groups steering policy
  • A new 2 mile loop of light rail (for $180 million)
  • Upcoming, high dollar projects against the citizens will (see above) without the means to pay for it
  • Sanctuary city status
  • More smoke-free zones and the usual lies that came with it
  • Unenforced laws for those with the right color of skin and the right accent
  • Financial and educational discrepancies between the four ISDs that make up the greater S.A. area
  • Increasing pumping fees in the Edwards aquafier to "protect" some endangered fish

And now to help cement their rise into the Elite Liberal brotherhood- a Poet Laureate.
Because nothing says snobbish elitism than having your own official Anti-American spokesmouth.


  1. I was reading my mother's hometown newspaper this morning, which had a story about one citizen's efforts to make the city spend some money on repairing streets.

    Apparantly, the city officials thought parks, softball fields and concession booths were more important than repairing the roads that the taxpayers use daily. The citizen started a petition to change the expenditures and place the road repair funds back into the budget where they belong, instead of in frivolous budget expenditures. Imagine that: demanding the taxpayer funds be used on the streets in front of the houses that the city taxes so they can have some money.

    I don't know how it will all turn out. I do know the roads are deplorable. Not only are the surfaces failing, the sub-structures are so degraded, many sections of streets have settled more than the height of a curb. The amount of money needed to make lasting repairs will be substantially more than the funds stolen from the repair budget. Years of neglect have caught up with the city and the people in charge are as clueless as boxes of rocks.

  2. Sounds a lot like Los Angeles. You guys better wall that city in and try not to let the disease spread or you'll be in the same boat CA is in now... Just sayin.

  3. I thought it was just us idiots up i-35 in Austin that were dumb enough to do light rail.

    Sorry to hear that stuff has invaded SA as well.