Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I see the Church of Atheism is starting their yearly war on Christmas

Because to some people the anti-religion idea is almost as strong as the Lefts belief that 0bama is a Messiah- except that they're mostly Godless atheists and all...

But never the less the lucky people down in Fla, Ohio and Joisey are going to enjoy the billboards of your anti-religious hate speech.

Ohh, look- they're having a revival down in Fla.

Additional signs advertising the American Atheists Regional Convention will be put up in parts of Florida. The convention is set to take place in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 17 and 18, the , the Broward Palm Beach New Times reports.

Are they going to be NOT in a tent handling the anti-snake mongooses too?
Just to show how NOT religious their anti-church is?


  1. Atheism -a religion characterized by its fervent declarations that there is no God.

    Its practitioners can get quite violent when faced with the fact that they are worshiping something that can never be proven.

    Atheists are almost as irritating as some Christian sects in how they proselytize.

  2. Maybe they're just fighting back against the Baptists' eternal war on Sunday beer sales?

    Trade ya.

  3. Don't believe in religion myself, but I don't see the point in being an asshole about it. I enjoy the holiday season, and see no reason to go around preaching my beliefs to everyone else.

  4. Yo, Chuckie--

    Nice comment; I like how it has no bearing whatsoever on reality. Atheism is a privative category, the "none of the above" of religious belief. It is *not* a "fervent declaration that there is no god". Yes, of course there are a good number of atheists who fit your definition, but many more simply do not believe in your god or any other. That's it. They don't believe in your god. They don't get violent, like religious believers the world over.

    Yes, some atheists are absolute assholes. And are as irritating as "some Christian sects" (note that you used "some" here, but not with atheists; that is where you went wrong), but frankly nowhere near as dangerous. The majority of atheists are perfectly content to "live and let live", so long as believers don't try to put the law's authority behind their particular belief system, in violation of the first amendment. We (yup, I'm an atheist) celebrate christmas as a secular holiday, a celebration of love for friends and family. Any celebration of that is a good thing. We don't happen to celebrate any of the many religious stories surrounding the solstice (you certainly are aware that the christian tale is but one of many, right?), but have no objection to your doing so. Yes, some atheists do object. Other atheist call them "jerks". But if you want the government to recognize your own particular myth as "the official meaning of christmas", then *you* are the jerk.

    I love christmas. It is my favorite secular holiday. If we treated it as the religious observance our founding fathers did, we would (as congress did) work on christmas, and prohibit "celebration" of this solemn occasion. Fortunately, the pagan celebrations the christians usurped have survived, and we have christmas trees, mistletoe, holly, yule logs, a feast, gifts, and a celebration of life and love, rather than an "observance" of the birth of a future human sacrifice.

    Christmas (or Yule, or solstice, or any of the other celebrations of this time) is much bigger, much more important, than the christian myth. Some form of midwinter celebration will certainly outlive christianity, if humanity lives so long. It may even be called "christmas", but like our own christmas, it will have next to nothing to do with the cult of Jesus. I will be much happier if such a celebration survives than if no celebration survives. "Christmas" is far older than christianity, and far more important.

  5. As a non-evangelical atheist, I condemn these people's actions.

    Celebrate the holiday or don't. It's a free country. But going out of your way to ruin the holiday for other people? That's just plain rude.

    If you're not going to embrace God, at least embrace some common courtesy.