Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well, that letter to Mrs. Bachman makes it all better :-)

I don't watch Jimmy Fallon, and couldn't pick him out if I ever saw him.

But the head of NBC wrote a nice letter apologizing to her for that vile song his band decided to insult her with when she came on.

Vaughan wrote that the incident was "not only unfortunate but also unacceptable," Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart told The Associated Press. She said Vaughn offered his sincerest apologies and said the band had been "severely reprimanded."

Fallon also apologized to Bachmann when they spoke earlier Wednesday, she said. He'd tweeted earlier, saying he was "so sorry about the intro mess."

"He was extremely nice and friendly and offered his apology, and she accepted it," Stewart said, adding that the comedian said he was unaware the band planned to play the song. "It's just unfortunate that someone had to do something so disrespectful."

I also notice that unlike when some Liberal or PC protected person or group feels disrespected- that no-one was fired, demoted or even suspended.

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  1. I like Jimmy Fallon and from what I've seen tend to believe him if he says he didn't know.

    The response of the band leader is the one that bugs me the most. "It was tongue in cheek". Really? Lyin Ass B****? After all the invective directed at conservative women, words that would get your ass kicked if you said them in polite company, words that should rightfully end your public career when you direct them at anyone, and these people still think it's OK.

    They won't learn until they are forced to it. If I were Jimmy Fallon I would fire the band. Not like there aren't plenty of musicians with half a brain that could take over the gig.