Friday, April 18, 2008

The "Yearning for Zion" raid

I don't know how much you're hearing about it, but it's a constant news item here.
Not only is it a news item, but the news is being presented in a very and obviously leading way.

It's like they're trying too much to convince you that something worse than whats real happened there.

Supposedly a 16 yr-old named Sarah called and anonymously reported abuse- which gave the Nanny-state all the opening it needed to go in and start the PR process going.

Except that there is no Sarah that has come forward yet. If there ever was one.
But that "anonymous call" was all those elected officials needed to barge in and haul off all the females and children from the ranch.

For some reason, my sense that something Waco-ish was going on,,,except that this President and his D.A. didn't burn the occupants to death.

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