Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh. Darn.

Those sediments can't convey just how badly I feel about pricing myself out of an equipment drop to DFW. On Saturday.

The only positive thing I could see about the trip would be the possibility of buying a pistol from Traction Control. I may have offered to go up for less if they were throwing in a motel room, but I'm not making a DFW and back round trip for less than $200.
Sorry guys, if you want me to fight week-end traffic in an old bucket truck without A/C or a radio while hauling a POS backhoe trailer that fishtails at 50 MPH- you'll have to make it worth my while.

I heard a part time driver jumped at the offer for $125.

I'm heartbroke.

AND in further work news, we got sent home early Fri because of the weather- it had rained earlier and the General contractor didn't want macines churning up the mud. We had to finish some undergound pull boxes. I and three other guys- one of whome isn't your girl-crazy construction type. The other two were complaining of getting wet and muddy. And complaining of getting wet and muddy.
Finally the young kid said "Look, I'm gay as a three dollar bill, and I'm not biatching as much as you two, suddup."

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