Friday, April 11, 2008

As I sit here

Doing the DAILY installation of WinVISTA *very important* updates.

I'm looking at going back to my favorite set of stadium lighting to try to find out why one light won't work. Nice, and I have to get on the platform and reach around a 2' reflector. OR re-run about 10' of wire thar could have gotten stripped when the cable assy. pulled loose and dropped the 60+ feet to the bottom.
I had to remake the pinplug yesterday because most of the top parts stayed with the bottom when it dropped.

It's weird, I blew a fuse wile pairing the wires up, and when we light the top bar, all of the lights come on except the far one (without the fuse). When we swap fuses, only one light (out of 4) come one- and NOT the one that was missing a fuse.

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