Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More jobblogging

We They started setting the lights for the stadium lights this morning while I was on the other side of town moving parts trailers form Clemons H.S. to Judson H.S. when I get a semi-frantic call from my foreman.

"Kurt, where are you?"

I'm just getting onto 1604 heading back to the Orchard (the shop), why?
"As soon as you get there, -don't even back into the barn-- bring the bucket ruck to Brandies, we really need it."
Ok, be there as soon as I can. (with traffic it's about an hour away).

I get back to the shop and back the haul truck into the barn and start the bucket truck. The storekeeper is heading out there, too with his crew to get excess parts, so I bring one of his kids, too.
We're on the way with the usual traffic jam before the I-10 interchange when my boss calls asking where I am.
Just coming up on the I-10 interchange.
"Hurry-up we need that bucket truck!"

We get there and just as I thought, they needed it to take the slings off the 65foot ballfield lighting. Or they'd have had to climb the poles to remove them.
So I set=up and go undo the slings. I know what my day is going to be like.

When we raise the second pole, the wire that was supposed to be secured to the inside top of the pole supplying the lights; ended up at the bottom. After undoing the slings, I went up to see about getting the wire back up when I met my new friend looking at me from a hand hole about 61feet in the air. I dropped the winch line down the inside of the pole and raised the wires and secured them temporarily so my new friend could make his way down.

We got done with the rest with no other problems and I went back to animal refuge.
I mentioned the 61 feet because the max. lift on that bucket truck is 55feet. When I set-up the truck again, it was in a different spot, and I couldn't get high enough to work with both hands to push the 60'worth of wire weight back and onto the holder.
I also couldn't get my hand into the hole to find the other plug-end.

After getting to the yard, I'd put in another 10 hr day and looked at an hour drive home.

How was your day?

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