Saturday, April 12, 2008

H&R Not

I went down to e-file my taxes today at a large tax filing company.
As she was entering my hard copy into her computer, she was verifying information.
When she got to Thing 2, I told her immigrant, Green Card, and we went on until we got to my 1040-SE (self employment); where I dropped a zero in my taxable income.

Ok, everything else was ok until we got to the owed taxes, which I had figured at around $1600.

Wrong- she had me at almost $3000 owed.



Ok, yes I did kinda loose it there, and told her to hold it while I came back with another credit card.

When I got back with another card (with more money on it) she was busy and I ended up with the owner who re-checked the info because I had Thing Twos accurate birthday. As we rwere going down the list, she mentioned that too bad T.T. wasn't a greencard holder- or I'd save about $1100 in taxes.

UMMmmmmm,,,,,she HAS a Green card, I told the original prep woman.
Oh, it's not marked that way, lets change it and see what we have.

After we rechecked and changed some of my bed figures, we ended up about $200 more than I had come up with. So instead of $1600, I ended up with a Tax owed of $1800.

No thanks to someone who's either too busy, or thinks she knows your answers better than you do.

But I'm in a better situation than Rachel Lucas, who btw shares my sentiments on the Fedral handouts to those "Entitled" to have them.

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