Friday, April 18, 2008

I was just looking at my John Cornyn bloglink

When I saw that both of my Senators voted FOR the wasteful and fraudulent "Renewable Energy Bill"
So, in spite of me being for him, I sent off an e-mail that will never be seen by human eyes, if he's anything like Kay Bailey-Hutchinson in his responses.

Sen. Cornyn,

I just read on your re-election blog that the renewable energy bill was passed 88-8, with both of my Senators voting FOR the bill.

Imn want to let you know that EVERYTHING I buy that has even the slightest connection with corn is rising faster than the increasing cost of anything else. Meat, eggs,cheese, milk, beer, cooking oil...

I also notice that the newest energy bill has absolutely nothing about us using our OWN oil.

I realize that no human being will read this, but I want to let you know that the "Big Ag" subsidies you're spending on E-85 are largely wasted in energy recoverable and money from me twice- once in taxes and then higher prices for an ever expanding range of goods affected by the "Renewable Energy" wish. Not only does E-85 cost more on a per-mile basis, the mileage on E-85/Flex fuel vehicles on REGULAR gas is less than on a straight gasoline vehicle of the same make.

Do you people ever use your own money for anything in the real world? I'm just curious because when I'm paying $70 to fill an S-10 gas tank- I'll refuse to vote anyone back in to D.C.

Thank you for giving me a place to vent, at least.
I would send this to KBH, but I have received more than enough mail sent by keyword bots.

I sure wish SOMEONE up in D.C. would let us use our own oil, instead of having to rely on terrorist enablers and being at the mercy of Wall Street Oil Profiteers.

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