Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How things change

Or seem to change, given today's present state of politics.

I was listening to Joe Lieberman talking to Sean Hannity on the way home and he actually sounded rational. Like he could look at both sides of an issue and try to decide what to do by using facts instead of emotion.

Then I remembered that he was a Veep for John F'ing Kerry (D-ork)* AlGore (D-oofus) and the only reason he isn't a Dem now is that the flaming Libs in Conn. threw him out for realizing the GWT actually was doing good.

I like Joe Lieberman and think that he means to try doing what is actually best for the country without the iron plated dogma of the far left blinding him. I'd even cut him some slack on some of his ideas,,,,but know I's probably not vote for him as Prez.....unless he was up against either Dem running now.

* Thanks Boyd, got my droning freakshow mixed-up with my clusterf^ck freakshow.

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