Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Took him long enough

I see that Barry is "angry", "dismayed", "disgusted" and "saddened"with his former Rev.s comments.

So, is he *really*, or is it an act to convince the mouthbreathing imbeciles highly educated and enlightened followers that he's not the same pol as the rest of them?
Does anybody with two brain cells that bump together honestly think that Barry has never heard the Rev. Wright say anything close to what he's been saying on his celebrity tour?

Twenty years and the Rev. has pulled the wool over Barry and Michelle's eyes? And they didn't question anything about the church? And he's supposed to be smart enough to hold the line for America- sorry, don't buy it.

Sorry, I never would have thought to vote for the guy, not because he's black- but because of what he stands for. Here are some names for you to remember if you want to pull out that race card- Michael Steel, and the racial hate spewed at him: Condi Rice and the racial hatred spewed at her during her confirmation hearings: Colin Powell, the same...need I go on?

And for the record, I'd be thrilled to have J.C. Watts as my presidential nominee- but he's too smart for that.
Just in case you want to toss the racist card at me.

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