Sunday, April 27, 2008

Always looking out for the little people

I hold unions in about the same disdain as I do most pols- especially Libs.

The ONLY thing a modern union is for is to put the squeeze in their employers for more goodies- or less work. This time it's the oil refinery workers in Scotland shutting down an oil refinery and consequently a North Sea oil pipeline to the rest of England.
Which in turn jacks the price of their fuel.
For better retirement bennies. Good thing they have Gov't healcare- right Hil?

Look for greedy oil profiteers on Wall Street to decide it's a good idea for you to pay more, too.

OH! And speaking of greedy shysters, guess who made it to NYC to act as peacemaker between the black community and the police over the acquittal of three [two of them black] NYC police in the shooting death of a bridegroom Sean Bell in a strip joint parking lot?
Naw...just kidding- he's vowing to shut down the city (unless he's paid some astronomical amount) until justice for Sean is made...or something.

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