Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just got back from Wally-world

I spent about $135 there.
I would have spent more, but they think that with summer here, the only inexpensive shirts they'll sell is tee-shirts, OR $20+ workshirts.

Sorry, I want a button down shirt with pockets that I don't have to worry about ruining. I don't want a 'Dikies" brand, or a "Wrangler" brand of heavy shirt...this is west Texas where it gets 100+ in the shade and all a breeze does is move the heat. I also don't want to be wearing a shirt that looks like I mugged Beaver Cleaver to get it.

My work phone took a dump sometime betwween Fri. amnd this morning- I got in the truck and it was hot- and wouldn't come on. So I'm thinking about getting an unlocked LG flip phone to use when this one gets replaced with another Nokia 6010 where half the buttons don't work. I saw one on e-bay that mentioned a phone needing a "new" SIM card instead of an "old" SIM card. According to the pic, I have an "old" SIM card...does anyone know if they're interchangeable, or do I need to look for a phone with an "old" SIM card?

I just got me an LG 1400 Cingular camphone for $49 (with shipping) that should work with my work SIM card, that way I can put the PoS Nokia in the glove box until they want it back.

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