Monday, April 14, 2008

I thought so

Ok, let me get this straight.
Israel is getting tired of playing nice with homicidal, and suicidal terrorists.
The latest unprovoked attack killed two fuel depot workers that worked the ONLY working pipeline into Gaza.
Also naturally Israel shut off fuel supplies until they could make their citizens safe(er) from people who rely on that fuel.

The terrorists and their civilian supporters are crying about human rights abuses and the usual apologists are "TSK"ing Israel again.

Now, look at this map and tell me-
  • Does Gaza not have any kind of port, or quay?
  • Are the Palestinians even able to get anyone (besides Israel) to deal with them?
  • One entire side of their country is alongside the med, don't they have anything worth exporting- besides hate?
  • I know they have money because everyone is either slimed into or willingly gives them ,,,,guilt gelt.

Why do thy need Israel, it's not like they were landlocked and surrounded by the Chosen people.

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