Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Friday

In pictures.

This is the end result of someone not making sure that two 60+' of power supply cables were secured at the top bracket of a light pole. When the wire fell, it took the entire pinplug assy with it- both the top and bottom. All I had to work with was unmarked black and white wires- and one live circuit to re-pair the circuits with. It took me all day Thursday to get things put together the way they were supposed to be, and all the lights worked....

Except one. A top outside light, the #4 light.

So, back I am on a windy Friday to make sure all the lights have a good connection, even if I have to bypass broken pins and plug wires into the female pin and tape them in.

Still have the one light out, so here we go unto the catwalk.

There's my elevator because I'm too old, fat and lazy to climb.

There's my fat ant (a journeyman) who's going to be flipping power switches for me as I look for the problem.

As I worked my way out, checking connections and insulation, I ended up having to take the light off the arm to check for problems inside.

Did I mention it was windy as h*ll?
After checking the connectors and not finding a problem, I did the last thing I could.
I changed the 15000w metal-Halide bulb, and found that it didn't want to go in right.

Did I mention it was windy as h*ll and the light i was working on was tied-off to the arm and swinging around? Did I mention the 1500W bulb was as big as a football, and as light as...a light bulb?
After putting it where it wouldn't blow off the pole, I took a couple turns on the screws holding the socket and when it look right, I got the bulb and screwed it in to make good contact.

Ok Mr. journeyman, lets see if it works....YES! We have light! So I put everything back like it was, and even made sure to leave it aimed like it was.

That's the one, all the way up and on your left.

And, NO! that lower light is supposed to be like that, I didn't move it.

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