Sunday, April 20, 2008

I missed BaG day

I was too broke from paying my 'evil rich people' taxes. I ended up paying about $1600 more than Uncle Sugar took out. I had a good run with the humongous cable company as an independent contractor.

Anyway- May is coming up and with it, about $1350 in overpayment's on the mortgage and about $1500 in govt, bribes the Bush incentive package.
Karen just got herself a brand new Brother 60i sewing machine tonight.

So, I guess my combination BaG day and birthday present will be one of these:

A Colt conversion .38spl Army (.36 in black powder)

A 1871(Colt conversion) Richard Mason .38spl

A 1858 New Model (Remington) .45LC (.44 in black powder)

Just because I like the look of the cap and ball revolvers.

The other choices are:

A .45 Bisley Blackhawk W/7.5" barrel- which with the long barrel and the prominent front sight would make it problematical if I wanted to get into Cowboy action shooting, wouldn't it?

This .44MAG super Blackhawk doesn't look bad, either- same problem with the CAS thing, though.

On the other hand, I could jump into the present with both feet.

I know it's better (and safer) to use modern cased rounds, but there's something relaxing about the steps involved in preparing cap and ball fire arms.

Karen says not the Colt conversions, they're too much like the one I have already, and she's not sure about the Remington (looks kinda girly). Also, I'm not an auto kind of guy either- just wouldn't be right -atoll.
She sounds intertested in the CAS thing, though- especially the period dress. "So, I could dress up like a bar-girl?"

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