Friday, March 31, 2006

A Q&A about illegals

Over at Right Wing News.

He's got a a 13 question FAQ about illegals.
Here they are with bullet answers- you'll have to go to his site for the entire, well worded answers.

Lets get started!
1) How many illegal aliens are there in the United States?
A) we don't really know -they are ILLEGAL. But the guess is between 8- 22 million.

2) How do the American people feel about illegal immigration?
A) They don't like it.

3) So, if the American people oppose illegal immigration, why does Congress seem so reluctant to do anything about it?
A) Money and votes. You don't think they'd actually give either a pass just for the good of the country, do you?

4) What about Pete Wilson, the former governor of California? Didn't he try to crack down on illegal immigration and wasn't there a backlash against Republicans because of it?
A) Only in the MSM.

5) Well, what about an Amnesty for illegals? Didn't we have one of those before?
A) Reagan 1986, and we're still feeling the effects today.

6) If illegals weren't allowed to become citizens, what would be the problem with allowing illegal aliens who are already here to stay as guest workers?
A) What about the LEGAL ones? Also if you reward bad behaviour, you get more of the same.

7) Isn't it practically impossible to deport all the illegal aliens?
A) If you get rid of the incentives, they'll leave on their own.

8) But, aren't these illegal aliens doing jobs Americans won't do?
A) No. They're doing jobs Americans and LEGAL immigrants don't get paid enough for.

9) If these illegal aliens were to leave the United States, wouldn't there be a major impact on the American economy?
A) No. we'd adjust.

10) What about other costs to society? On the whole, are illegals a net benefit or net liability to the American economy?
A) It depends on who you ask.

11) Is there a crime problem related to illegal immigrants?
A) Definatly.

12) Do illegal immigrants put a strain on our health care system?
A) Yes.

13) Some people say that it's impossible to secure our border? Are they right?
A) The way it's being handled in D.C- yes. They won't let the Border Patrol do their job.

Go read his FAQs and the entire answers.
I'll be adding him to my blogroll.
I'm also adding Signal 94 so I can let y'all check out a conservative blogger from 'upstate NY'.

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