Monday, March 27, 2006

So, not only did the U.S. senate punt on the ILLEGAL immigration bill

They decided to invite even more of them in.

Guys, that's supposed to be the UNITED STATES Senate, not the Nuevo Mexico Senate.
Reagan made the mistake in the 80's on his amnesty program, which is part of the problem now- "They did it once, lets go and wait until they do it again"!

They keep talking about how immigrants came in and made America what it was, and all the Illegals want to do is "participate, too." The difference -and it's a huge difference- is that the previous immigrants came to become Americans and assimilate, NOT to infiltrate to try to take back northern Mexico. The previous LEGAL immigrants worked however they could, and worked at becoming American citizens, not to suck up taxpayer funded goodies and not learn a damned thing about the country they're "helping" by keeping wages low.

You don't need more laws, ENFORCE the ones we have now, and hold Bush's buddies feet to the fire about hiring illegals to hold down the bottom line.

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