Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Having second thoughts on the job thang

One of those "the Devil you know", , ,things and all.
The current job doesn't pay that badly.
Actually they pay pretty well for what I do compared to other companies. Part of the pay is to put up with a mercurical boss, or his brother (the one who signs the checks). I won't have payed vacation or holidays for another year and a half.
The real problem is the 110 mile daily commute- 2+ hours driving and $70 in gas a week (in the B3000) I work 7Am to 3:30PM.

The new job is/will be alot more physically demanding, and I'm starting to feel my age.
It's 15 min. away with bad traffic, 8AM to 5PM (that's the heat of a south Texas day) and $2 less an hour. I do get 1 week vacation and 5 paid holidays. I can have all the OT I want, but 5PM is late already.

I'll see what the current boss is willing to offer, maybe worth my while to stay there.

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