Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just how big does Google have to get before it's too late?

They're buying up anything they can get their greedy fingers on, including online word processing companies.
It's supposed to rival MS Word when it's ready. Except that MS Word doesn't keep everything you write in their massive (and leakable) central data base. MS Word keeps things in your hard drive unless you decide to send it somewhere.
I just KNOW that people who shouldn't be using it will. How long do you think it'll take before some Republicans files get "accidentally" dumped into the NY Times inbox?

"Writely is now part of Google," wrote Upstartle co-founder Claudia Carpenter on the Upstartle blog. She said the two companies matched in their culture and goals, and said the switch to Google's software architecture would allow Writely to scale to millions of users.

In the mean time, Upstartle cut off new registrations following the announcement, saying it wants to avoid overloading its infrastructure; those interested can sign up on a waiting list.

The move could also assuage the privacy fears users might have about putting their personal documents online, Carpenter said. "Some people didn't feel comfortable trusting a tiny startup with their documents... and we're no longer a tiny startup," she wrote.

However, that may be wishful thinking - Google has had to contend with plenty of alarm over the privacy implications of its own products. Analysts recently warned that enteprises should steer clear of the "search across desktops" feature in the latest edition of Google Desktop.

Google keeps expanding, and buying into anything that ostensibly increases their "online presence" and profit margin (eventually), and keeps promising to respect privacy.

I'm sorry that I can't take that promise with more than a gain of salt. They do fall on the left side alot. What can they do to convince me that they won't "accidently" send everything a "deserving" person has ever done on AlGores internet to their socialistic enforcers to use in destroying the opposition?
I don't trust a Conservative with that much blackmail ability, why should I trust a company run by a bunch of leftists Liberals?

Something to remember for all of you that hate Bush and what he's "done to the country". Sooner or later the bottom dog is gonna be on top- and the same thing is gonna be happening to those out of power, or the wrong side of the political argument. You liberals have alot to look forward to, because if you're not in lock-step with the marching orders, you are considered some kind of traitor, and need to be handled as such. I know from watching how you eat your own.
Us conservatives bite and kick, but still eat from the same table, instead of being the untouchable of the party for the week.

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