Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SIGGghhhhhhh, one more post about the media whore grieving mother St. Cindy

I followed this link back to here and can't remember who all I went through to get here.

I just want to know, Cindy Sheehan, when will you authorize a headstone for your son?

You remember him, don't you?
He's the name you keep bringing up everytime your camera-time starts to slip.
He's the one you cloak your anti-semitism in.
His name is always in the same sentence as the idea to impeach George Bush.

Cindy, are all these Anti-American celebrities more important than your son?
Is your brand-new paid-for-by-SGLI-VW bug more important than signing your name to a headstone authorization?

I guess so.
Cindy, I'm glad I'm not you. I have more love for my family.

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