Sunday, March 19, 2006

So, does anyone want to 'splaine to me why I should vote Republican?


The guy in the White House, UvayDoble, who wants a basic illegal amnesty has been using a grain shovel to go through our tax money.
The RINOs in D.C. just decided to add $16 BILLION to Bushes' bloated 2007 budget.

The Republican-led Senate stiff-armed President Bush’s call for belt-tightening yesterday and adopted a $2.8 trillion fiscal 2007 budget resolution, after adding over $16 billion in spending to Bush’s request and rejecting calls to rein in entitlements. The Senate snubbed even modest attempts to slow mandatory spending programs, which Bush had targeted for $65 billion in net savings over five years. Almost all of the proposed amendments sought to increase spending.

Republicans in Congress are riding roughshod, violating all budgetary principles. It’s real simple. The architects are using gimmicks, like Arlen Specter’s “advanced appropriations.” Specter got $7 billion for education and other programs under the jurisdiction of the Labor, Health and Education Appropriations Subcommittee which he chairs, according to Congressional Quarterly

The Dems, on the other hand -should they become the majority- want to blow $144BILLION in additional spending. I couldn't find a direct link to the figure, but you can see the link trail over at Robs place.

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, told me that Democrats are deciding between two ways of laying down their agenda — one comprehensive alternative to the GOP budget proposal or a series of amendments. Either way, the public at long last will have an idea of what Democratic priorities will be if their party manages to take control of Congress in the November elections.

The agenda will include a $25 billion, five-year energy-independence initiative, an extra $8 billion for homeland security, $104 billion to convert veterans benefits from discretionary to mandatory spending, $2 billion to reverse proposed cuts by President Bush in the education budget and a $5 billion, one-year upgrade of avian flu preparations — all paid for, Conrad said, with “offsets” requiring no increase in tax rates

Yep, they'll do the OFFSET thang- again. Remember the IOU's they tossed into the SSI till when they stole that money?
A $25 BIL energy independence initiative??? WTF? Just let the "evil" Big Oil do what they've been begging to do and it'll go a looong way to our energy independence.
$104 BILLION to change a discretionary program into an entitlement. Does it cost that much to twist some arms and hold a vote? Or is it for bribes persuasion?

$5 BILLION for a one year binge in Avian Flue panic. Hey guys, I remember the Dhimmy Carter Swine Flue fiasco and the lingering legacy of people affraid to get ANY immunizations because of the paralysis that had occured from the Swine Flue injections.

This cr@p is enough to almost make someone give up on Democracy.

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