Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Can someone tell me, please

Is there, or is there not, the start of an Iraqi religious civil war?
I keep hearing from the Liberals Legacy Media that there is almost a full-blown war over there. I go to blogs and "centrist" news outlets and it's not as bad as being made out in the deathloving non-partisan media.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least that there would be a religious war over there- look at the manufatured outrage and rioting going on over a group of FRIGGING CARTOONS. People are dying because the religious "leaders" decided that this was a good enough excuse for a religious holy war. Europe Everybody needs to get their chit together and step on this now while they can still cut the fuse on the bomb.
We haven't have any(?), much moslem riots about this BS, but that doesn't mean they still aren't plotting to take over America with their willing allies- the Liberal PC apologists for "diversity" in the upper ranks of "Progressive" organizations.

Maybe they'll get their heads out of their collective @sses in mid-January 2009 when Bu$Haliburton=Hitler is out of office and they don't see everything through a filter of impeachment and raw hate.

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