Saturday, March 04, 2006

I was reading about new inventions over at

and wondered, how many of you remember back about 6 or so years ago- the morning "news" shows were hyping a 'new and revolutionary' transportation invention that would make everything we now know 'obsolete'.
It was a platform with two wheels that was supposed to take the place everyting from walking to medium distance commutes. The reason it was supposed to be big news was that it was being pattented by some big money name inventor.

Why do I get the idea that it wasn't "news" so much as an ad campaign camouflaged as news.
Not that the Legacy Media would try to pull a fast one, or anything questionably ethical like that.

Where is the thing? I know they're making it because I saw John Ratzenberger (Cliffy from 'Cheers') working on one on "Made in America"

What reminded me of this wonderful new must-have invention is a new ABC show
about Garage geeks who are looking for their big break.
After looking at some of the highlighted ones- I hope nobody's gonna get sued for patent infringement by the companies already making several of the products.

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