Sunday, March 05, 2006

Has anyone else been the least bit curious about why the hype of
'Brokeback Mtn'?

I really haven't because I'm not "all about" glorifying homosexuality. I'm also not "all about" spending my hard earned cash on people who want to trash and stomp my beliefs into the mud.

I admit I'm wondering about the storyline, though- just a passing thought, kinda like you wonder what happened to that cute girl in the 4th grade you had a crush on (when you were in 4th grade, too- you perve).

I found out in a FREE 30 seconds. As you know, you get what you pay for so with out further ado (or "all abouts"), I send you to the Brokeback Bunnies movie.

Go get your dose of Hollywood 'culture', and wouldn't you know it- it's "all about" shoving liberal ideas down our throats.

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