Monday, March 20, 2006

Isn't this why they're supposed t buy insurance?

Part dos of "Why should I vote Republican."

At least 20 Senators from both sides of the aisle have signed-on to the Emergency Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act of 2006. Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota is lead sponsor of the bill, the latest effort to get some kind of disaster assistance for farm losses in 2005. The package includes assistance for crop production loss, livestock assistance, and supplemental nutrition and economic disaster assistance to aid with rapidly escalating production input costs. It also includes a number of provisions to specifically address agricultural recovery in the region affected by Hurricane Katrina.

In introducing the bill, Senator Conrad stated, "This bill wouldn't make any farmer or rancher whole, but it goes a long way to making sure that producers who have seen losses at the hands of Mother Nature have a chance to stay in business."


The cost of the package is estimated at $3.566 billion

Texas is in the middle of a drought, but the closest I've heard of a massive taxpayer bailout is (Gov.) Rick Perry declairing a state of emergency for farms and ranches.

It's rained last night, I went home early- can I get some Fed. goodies?

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