Monday, March 27, 2006

If you ever think about a Blackpowder gun kit

Here are some things to think about.
  • A Dremel tool with a wood burr is Very helpful at trimming prerouted holes to the correct size.
  • It's easy to take off too much before re-trying the fit
  • work from the bottom of the cutout up, and save the final cosmetic trimming untill you're sure it problem wasn't caused by something you just removed.
  • The instruction pamphlet is just a rough guidline- you have to figgure out which side of the 'too-small' holes to enlarge
  • You will need a drill and drill bits
  • Patience is a definate plus, so is good light
  • f the brass trigger guard is too long, the Dremel sandpaper tube will trim it to fit
  • Toothpaste makes an acceptable jewlers rouge for your Dremel buffer if you mar the brass
  • The hammer spring is VERY heavy, the trigger is really light, watch your shirt when test fitting these two to see if they fit right, and work
If you have any kind of modleing skill, or woodworking abiity- these kit guns should be no problem. I got the trigger assy. to fit and the trigger assy. to actually work after doing some additional trimming for mechanical movement All I really have to do now is brown the metal, do the final fit-up of all the parts and finish trim the wood srame and stain it.

The big problem I see when I finallt fire it, is that it's going to be like firing a small shotgun with one hand. So much for Mr. C's e-mail target match it'll take all day to load and fire one target set.

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