Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm sitting here with Fox and Friends on in the background

I just muted it because they have some illegal immigrants' rights spokesflack on.
They asked him a question about why they (illegals) want to shove this in our face; he just started talking over the host, and talking.
And talking.

Supposedly on May 1st there's going to be a massive shut-down of America because all the illegals in the country are not going anywhere public. They won't go to school, work, the mall, fast food joints or anywhere they'd usually not do anything American. They're just going to hold massive demonstrations to try to force us to ignore our laws.

Ok, no matter what you hear about how Xenaphbic, homophobic, intolerant, closed minded, etc, , , ad nausium Americans are from the Legacy media- We are pretty tolerant of others. We generally have a live and let live philosophy, but when you start shoving your point of view down our thoats, we start kicking.

Those illegals are going to start something that they won't like, and they'll have brought it on themselves. We'll tolerate them here, not bothering to learn english.
We'll tolerate them putting their illegal kids in school and dropping our academic standards.
We'll tolerate them using our emergency rooms for a G.P. office.
We'll tolerate them on food stamps, unemployment and welfare.

We're going to get sick and tired of them, their appologists AND elected officials who are forcing us to do something about it.
Ther will be a backlash about this if they keep pushing, and I hope it's something that lasts.

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