Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lets see how well I can "see" the future

We had plans to go shooting today and sight in the 30.06.
The 17 yr-old (codename Criptkeeper) is going to the Jr Prom tonight, but her dress needs some repair (they got it on sale). Mom is supposed to fix it for her and well 'be on our way'- EXEPT that the Criptkeeper won't be home from her sleepover untill they both roll out of bed around the crack of noon.
Mom'll be waiting for her to decide to walk home for her fitting somewhere around 1 or 2 PM.
They'll spend the rest of the day getting her ready.

I guess I'll go pick up my check and head to San Antonio to deposit it, and maybe see if anything (we can afford) strikes my fancy at the gunshop.

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