Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who wants to make $50 an hour?

Big John McCain the "maveric" RINO is offering $50 an hour to the union bosses to pick lettuce in Yuma, Az for the season.

Hell yes!!!!!!
Where do I sign up?

Dear Mr. McCain,
I'd like to take you up on your offer. Since I'm not an illegal alien, I'm sure that I'd be covered under your employee protection laws. The law that says after 40 hours I get time and a half- right?

So that's 5 (or 6) 12 hour days @time and a half after my 40.
PLUS Yuma is kinda like South Texas in the summer, exept with better humidity- isn't it? Man, that 20- 32 OT hours sure look good. I'm sure, being the enlightened Democrat RINO maveric Republican that you are, we'll have employer paid healthcare, too?

I can be there after I give my current employers the usual notice. Please call, I'll be waiting.

Luv KurtP

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