Saturday, April 08, 2006

No Mr. Bush- it's NOT Harry Reid's fault that your amnesty bill failed

You could try blaming the approximately 88% of LEGAL residents in the United States that don't want lawbreakers rewarded. Conversely, you could just TRY to act like the evil conservative that the Legacy Media is always tarring you as and start enforcing the laws already on the books.

The anti-American pro lawbreaker immigration reform rallies have started a groundswell of unrest in the LEGAL population that outnumbers the Mexican flag worshiping lawbreakers that have been shoving in our faces for the last 20 years just recently.

I heard that our (Tx) Senators will veto any amnesty bill, and the Congress at least seems to get the message that we don't want lawbreakers rewarded.

I'm still leaning -HARD- to voting independent only come November.
I wish some big names would just look at anykind of independents. Vote independent this time and send a message that we're tired of pandering to the PC crowd.

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