Sunday, April 02, 2006

Targets we did today

I wouldda blown away a gopher with my .50, if he'd have stayed in one spot for about 30 minutes.
The balls were(was?) my first target, but I had to change targets after ripping it down with one well placed shot to the top corner. We shot the targets at about 25', Karen was just getting the feel of her .22-so no pics unless you want to see it.
The gopher was where I was fine-tuning it.(the white in the silhouette is two connected holes.)

.22 Springfield Auto
I did 15 shots as fast as I could pull the trigger @ 100'.
It was the first time it was fired in over 20 years. It needed oil, or I'm used to a better weapon (AR-15s).

It shoots to the right a little.

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