Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm finally able to post these pics

I got done with the pistol this morning

Then went to Sportsmans Warehouse to get the muzzle loader stuff I need

And something for the newer guns

Then I got a call relayed from mom about the 15 year-old and something about a broken hand at the color guard competion at 'Southwest'. (Mom's on her way back from Conroe)

Where is Southwest?
I don't know, she want's to know if she should call an ambulance?
Find out where Southwest is (I know it's in San ANtonio).

They won't answer the phone, I've left messages.
Ok, They didn't answer my calls either.

They called again, they can't get through to the house. They want my permission to call an ambulance.
Find out where they are, I'll go get her.
(She's driving back) Cr@p, I'm on the wrong road.
Ok, get on the right road, I'll look it up.
*There is NO listing for Southwest H.S. in the San antonio ISD website.
**The Medina Valley ISD site (her school) has no contact numbers for her color guard instructor and I KNOW an e-mail won't work.

I finally get a call from the EMTs they're taking her to Santa Rosa Childrens hospital "just take 35 west and get off on Houston, look for the signs."

There is NO way to get to Houston St. heading n on I-35, I passed the Santa Rosa Medical center three times, could have gotten off on Durango- if I'd have known the childrens hospitaal AND emergency room was inside of the big building.

I followed 35 untill I was out past the medical concentration near 1604 and headed to I-10 and Houston St. I passed the Convention center (they were changiing traffic for an event tonight), and the Alamo with that traffic nightmare. I finally found a (small) sign pointing to the childrens wing. I used about half a tank of gas- on top of the $70 I spent earlier, and Karens fill-ups.

I got to the emergency room with the Creame of Mexico filling every available seat, and found the blonde teen, she was getting a cast for a sprained thumb.

I took her back to 'Southwest' where she got to find out they came in last, and to collect a friend for her ride home.

Gawd, what an expensive and nerve-wracking afternoon. Karen brought back the wrong 30.06, too.

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