Monday, April 03, 2006

I thought I'd lost this post, thanks to Blogger

but here it is, about a week late.

A users report on the Taurus .22 revolver.

We couldn’t get into any ranges- so
ended up using the dry creekbed of Hondo Creek.
I finally got ahold of the treasurer for the Alamo Muzzleloaders Gun Club, and am being mailed an application. The requirements are membership in the NRA or a national
muzzleloaders assoc. (for insurance) a $25 initiation fee and $50 per annum.
Sweet, and it’s close to home.
If there is ever a San Antonio blogmeet we can run through several hundred rounds in relative privacy.

At the gentle urging of Mr. C, here are my impressions of the Taurus .22 Mod 94 revolver. I need to state that I haven’t fired a pistol since I left the Navy in ’89, and then we had the Marines cast-off, worn out weapons. Our M1911’s were so used up that you could hear the barrel rattle when you shook them.

The Taurus seems to be a nice, well made weapon with what looks like and feels like well machined parts (nice and tight). This is a double action pistol on the inexpensive side.
The hammer engages the sear with a nice solid snap(click?), and the trigger has a nice smooth pull (in single action). It seems to hold a pattern pretty well- we shot between 25 & 30’
and it was very windy. I’d like to try it out at a real range where we can do something besides shoot offhand. The weight was nicely balanced, and the wife had no problems holding it. I felt the semi-birdhead (?) handle was a little on the small side for my hands, but it’s the wife’s gun.
I like the fact that the rear site has both elevation and windage adjustments. It has an unobtrusive hammer lock/safety.
It is a great pistol to learn on. We didn’t try the double action, as we wanted to get the feel of the pistol first.
Had we used the double action, I’m sure Mr. C would have let us enter as two pistols, since the action is so much different.

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