Sunday, April 23, 2006

McCarthyism (partII )

We've all heard about the "secret gulags" the CIA had all over Europe (exept that no-one can find them). Mary McCarthy got fired for exposing them. (I don't need to link the stories, do I?)

McQ- over at Q & A asks where she got her info, and quotes a former CIA guy who worked with her.

. I hasten to add that I do not consider her a friend. She was my immediate boss in 1988-89 and was instrumental in my decision to leave the CIA and take a job at the State Department's Office of Counter Terrorism. Mary, in my experience, was a terrible manager.
--Ok, so he's not a McCarthy appologist--

That said, I take no delight in the news that she was fired. In fact, there are some things about the case that puzzle me. For starters, Mary never worked on the Operations side of the house. In other words, she never worked a job where she would have had first hand operational knowledge about secret prisons. She worked the analytical side of the CIA and served with the National Intelligence Council. According to press reports, she subsequently worked at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) from 2001 thru 2005. That is a type of academic/policy wonk position and, again, would not put her in a position to know anything first hand about secret prisons.

--She didn't have access to what she leaked-

I am struck by the irony that Mary McCarthy may have been fired for blowing the whistle and ensuring that the truth about an abuse was told to the American people. There is something potentially honorable in that action; particularly when you consider that George Bush authorized Scooter Libby to leak misleading information for the purpose of deceiving the American people about the grounds for going to war in Iraq. While I'm neither a fan nor friend of Mary's, she may have done a service for her.......

--Gee, maybe he IS a McCarthyite, in sheeps clothing--

Ok, here's another example of stealth liberalism at work. Disavow any support, then undermine the opposition with the same talking points as the rest of the fifth column.

GEE Larry, if she was LYING about the entire thing to discredit Bush- Why would she need to have access to anything close to the REAL thing? Just throw the mess out to the wolves in the Legacy Media, and they'll howl about it untill the cows come home, weather it's true , or not. Hell, it's even better if it ISN'T true- it's harder to disprove.
Then he goes into the tired old Plame thing yet again.
Why doesn't Bush fire the entire staff of the CIA, State Dept, and every other topheavy beuracracy that's activly fighting him every time he takes a breath?

Gawd I'm getting tired of this "get back into power- no matter how badly the country is f*cked" attitude of these Communistic Liberals.

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