Friday, April 07, 2006

This article in the BEEB reminded me of a conversation I had the other day

She's a Lib, and a research professor in San Antonio. So you'd figure she'd be able to answer with facts instead of the echo chamber soundbites. She was getting on about the reason we're (the US, she's from Brazil) were in Iraq, and how the rich are getting richer, etc...

W getting rich from the war, she didn't like it when I mentioned Clinton getting a pile of money, too. "Yeah, but not as much, so it's not so bad"- or something like that. She wanted to know why we're invading Iraq with no ties to Al Queda- and not Africa with those atrocities. I told her
"After Kosovo, and Iraq, when the U.N. watched and got their friends rich from the 'oil-for-food' thing- we decided to let them try to be a world power like they want to play at, so we're waiting for them to do something there." That took the wind out of her sails and we went back to the (mine) girls babysitting job for this week-end.

Basically The link says that N.Korea says it's up to the US to get the nuke talks back on track. They must think this it the Clinton Administration, because they want nukes and money.

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