Friday, April 21, 2006

So, where is Jesse Jackson when you need him?

Look at these pictures and tell me that it's NOT a human crisis.

These people are suffering. They didn't have a national media focusing attention on all the water flooding their homes (probably because of HALIBURTON wanting their land).
I want to know-no I DEMAND to know why the Legacy Media doesn't have this flood on their headline news!!!!!

Ummm, just a minute--
*What? It's not newsworthy???!??*
*They're not black enough?*
*Jesse's not comming because there's not enough TV coverage?*

Ok, well I guess these people don't need FEMA rushing to their aid because the Legacy Media didn't see enough black 'wards of the State' being displaced.

OK, move along. Nothing further to see here.

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