Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy is dandy...

Ready for the Halloween thing?

Our last poll was pretty well divided, like I hoped it would be between the three greediest groups I can think of- with a total of 81 votes distributed between Union thugs as a winner with 40% of the votes @ 32 then came The Gorical with 32% and 26 votes, followed closesly by the clueless #OWS clowns at 28% and 23 votes.
As usual, you can still vote, but it won't count.

Now, for Halloween we have this poll-
What do you do with hard candy/ toosie rolls?
Suck them, or lick them like they were designed to be. 
Lick or suck until you're bored then chew. 
Quit wasting time and get it done. 
I don't do hard candy. free polls 

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