Sunday, October 16, 2011


The new "Walking Dead" is starting now on AMC.

Which character are you?
I'm either Dale or T-Dog.


They just ran into a whole interstate jamming pile of stalled cars, and they're almost out of gas. Why not, after the heard of walkers go past- get the DeWalt cordless and empty as many tanks as they can.

Why is Rick driving an old Suburban without A/C so they have to have the windows down?

I've said it before- if I had to kill a Zed by hand, I wouldn't want to wear that contaminated gore any longer than possible. Especially when there's a creek you're following.

If you're trying to sneak up on a tent that you don't know whats in there- maybe you shouldn't stand right in front of the screen door? Especially if your a redneck crossbow hunter, and you should know better.

I think it'll be better that Shane, at least goes his own way.

Rule FOUR! If you can see the deer (with mossy horns) you can see the kid behind it.
WTF are you hunting with ball ammo for?


  1. T-Bolt over at New Jovian Thunderbolt noticed the same thing that I did, that the women are being disarmed by the men, and Shane actually used the "only one" defense.

    Don't know about the deer shooter yet. Might be that ball rounds are all they have left. Even a hunting softpoint will go through a deer if it doesn't strike bone; many Eastern states restrict deer hunting to shotguns for this very reason.

  2. Yeah it started out with promise but has been going downhill.

  3. The people in that group seem to get more stupid all the time. I'm starting to wonder if they are turning into zombies, but at a slower rate. ;)

  4. Here's what I wrote:
    Here's a quote:
    And the guns. Shotguns, revolvers and a couple of bolt action rifles? Really? And the leaders of the little band are still playing "I'm the only one..."? Every single person, right down to the children should be carrying a magazine fed rifle and a handgun. In that situation, if the group leader decided I didn't rate a weapon, I would turn and start walking, checking cars for weapons as I went. They should have belt fed 30 cal. weapons in the pickups, or military Humvees with turrets.

  5. It's also clear that suppressors don't exist in this "Alternate universe."

    Just think what ~10 people with suppressed .22 rifles could do to a "herd" like they just let pass?