Monday, October 24, 2011

"Not electable" spoke the 'Architect'

The one that ran the election campaign of 2000 and won by a Supreme Court decision.

Right Karl Rove, if he were a Country Club Republican who wanted the same status-quoe as you and the other elders of the RINO party do- you'd have no problem with his mis-statements.

Go try to get Mittens elected as the newest 'Maverick'.


  1. Idiot.

    Did you see this from the Daily Bell?

    Ron Paul could be the Pat Buchanan of 2012

  2. Technically he didn't win by a Supreme Court decision, he won because the Supreme Court decided that the State SC was waaaaayyyy out of line in their efforts to throw the election to Gore. Bush won the election free and clear according to many post-election recounts by various news organizations.

    I hope Paul is the Buchanan of 2012 (ie irrelevant).