Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Walking Dead

Shane is a real POS isn't he?

I thought- when he was doing Lori- he told Carl (the son) he was a Cajun.
In this weeks episode- Rick told Lori about growing up with Shane.

I think I'd pass if there was any recon needed if Shane offered to help...


In every school I've been at- there are at least two or three big (moving box) sized gas meters around the gym and mechanical room. Even if the gas was shut down, there would be residual pressure in the mains. A shotgun blast to the main regulator would flood the area with gas- add a flair and POOF! zombie flambe.

-Or you could just shoot your partner in the knee...


  1. Geez, is Shane a monumental weasel or what?

    In the first season they said the zombies stumble around doing their regular routines from when they were alive. I wonder if newly zombified Otis leads a heard of his new buddies back to the farm?

  2. I knew Otis would be dead meat, but didn't think that Shane would shoot him; that part surprised me. I think that at this point Shane could, if he wanted to, challenge Rick for leadership of the group and win, simply out of pure viciousness. He's more of an alpha than Rick is, and I think that Andrea recognized this when she asked Shane to take her with him when he left the group.

  3. @ Bob-
    I think Andrea was just looking for a safe way out.

    @ Ambi-
    Which brings a point I forgot- last year the zombies were attracted to lights.
    This year the farmhouse had windows open and lights blazing- with no lookouts.

    Are country zombies more respectful than their city cousins?

  4. country zombies havn't been urbanized;) You noticed from the season 2 stuff, they are playing less with guns. Wonder if it is a liberal influence especially when one of the main cast member stated that there are too many guns around.
    I have made comments" when the zombies come, I don't have to out run them...just you." To actually see it on film was a humorous warped way. I was talking with one of my fellow walking dead fans and we both commented that SHane is going to the dark side of the force. I can see a the group splitting down with Rick on one side and SHane on the other.

  5. Or all of them could wise up. They're in Georgia. Every town has a gunshop. Almost all houses have have a gun or four. Ammo same-same. Every police car has a carbine and/or a shotgun. All those military vehicles. Find the police stations.

    They should be driving new 4x4s with winches, if not military vehicles. They should all be armed with magazine fed rifles and pistols. All of them, right down to the children. If they need training they should be getting it. If the sound of gunfire draws zombies, build silencers. Or shoot enough to clear a area. Head for the coast. Find an island. That would be a manageable area to clear.

    The whole way they are dragging along revolvers, shotguns, and bolt action rifles without enough ammo is unbelievable. The idea that the hero of the story would trot out the old "we're the only ones" is insulting.