Monday, October 31, 2011

It sucks when facts get in the way

I was all ready to dump on the muslim students at the Catholic University of America, and to actually put a bet down that the trouble making Islamists were Somalis.

But, when you actually do about .5 seconds of goggle-foo, you find the truth.
That being that some Liberal prof took it upon himself to sue for the students who had no problem with the arrangements at the university.

...but professor John Banzhaf said he filed the complaint with the city based on the article and had not received any complaints from Muslim students.

Banzhaf is known for filing dozens of human rights complaints, including those alleging discrimination against women and non-smokers. His Web site declares that he’s called “the Area’s Best-Known ‘Radical’ Law Professor.”


  1. He needs to go to another country, at the minimum.

  2. Ahhh. I put up a link to that story on Facebook. The article I read didn't make that real clear.....