Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just wondering about the 'Tour to Nowhere'

Those buses they're using that are decked out better than my house-

What kind of mileage does the Green president get with them? Without all that armor, they only got like 6 MPG. Now that they're up armored and have all the goodies they must get what? 2MPG?

Are they flying those buses to each venue like they did on the first campaign trip?

How is playing golf every weekend at Andrews AFB not getting away from DeeCee- like you talk about on your campaign stops?


  1. If it was on his dime, I wouldn't care about the mpg. Considering he's supposed to be working, I'm paying part of his salary and all he's doing is campaigning, I think impeachment is the correct thing to do. He quit a long time ago and even Joe Biden would be better than Obama.

    (I know. That's like saying even Godzilla would be better than Hitler)

  2. How much does a C-5 cost to run?

    Those buses ain't small.

    Impeachment would be interesting - the House indicts, and the Senate - controlled by who? - tries him.

  3. The only way to impeach Obama is to cut off the funds to the Secret Service, which will keep him in the White House and then remove the funds for the cable. After a few days, he'll be begging for impeachmenet so he can watch ESPN.