Saturday, October 22, 2011


We can live without.

I just got back from Wally-World after dropping almost $150 on almost all store brand basics.
The shredded cheese I bought for almost $9 was a little over $6 a bag 36 months ago.
The bottom round I didn't buy used to cost less than half of what they want for it now- three years into the hopey-changeyness that is Chicago-on-the-Potomac.
Frozen chicken chunks- more for less.
I am NOT paying $6.50 for a Dominos pizza when I can get delivery for less than that.

Bread. The wheat they don't turn into ethanol is making that $.94 bread grow into $1.26 for the same loaf.
Not to mention the Green Bell peppers that used to be 3/$1 are now $.77each (That's double for all you math scholars out there) in six months- for the same size or less.

I sure am glad Nancy Pelosi gut her minimum wage exemption for Pacific islanders involved in Tuna fishing and canning because at least I can still afford large cans of no-name tuna.

And lastly Mr. Economic Genius- I'm sure Bo the poodle is eating steak and organic vegetables for his meals,while our dogs are getting less for more because a 40LB bag of Ol' Roy (red bag) went from $12 to $17 in your tenure.

GFYS and tell Plugs how to do it, too.

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