Sunday, October 23, 2011


This posting in Craigslist reminded me to remind you- or to tell those of you too young to remember "dumb" phones.

The ones that plug directly into the wall...

You see kids, way beck in the dark ages there were telephones that did nothing but make and receive calls. They plugged right into the phone system and had to actually be dialed by hand!
Yes, really!

But what they have over their digital replacements is that as long as the phone system was up, you'd have phone service! you weren't at the mercy of power outages and down time on your broadband.

If you got a dial tone, you could use the phone.

Kinda retro, huh? Being able to use the phone when everything else is out (including cell towers).


  1. Heck I can use those old phones to make sound powered ones like the military uses. Not exactly but operate on the same principal up to 150 yards. I'd grab 'em if I was you.

  2. Makes me think of the lead-up to the supposed "Y2K" catastrophe back in late 1999, when all the computerized everything-in-the-world was expected to fail and society was going to collapse because of the way the dates were coded in all that high-tech equipment... There was some little bitty town in North Dakota or some place that wasn't worried about its communications, because they were all still using hardline phones like these.