Thursday, October 20, 2011

How many levels of wrong can you see happening here?

The Volunteer State just became the police state with their warrant-less trucking inspections at weigh stations.

Yeah, I can understand the idea behind it, and it does make sense.
BUT- yes it's the companies truck they're searching for bombs and such- But it's YOUR house while you're on the road.

AND they emphasis that if you see something suspicious, then call the Bears.

Nope, don't see how someone getting tailgated by some asshole in a Bimmer (but I repeat myself) then getting their front bumper almost taken off when they cut around to get to the off-ramp in front of you..."Ummm, I swear that Blue Bimmer Lic.#xx-xxx with the dark windows had someone flailing in the back seat..."

1 comment:

  1. I thought the exact same thing. Some asswipe cuts you off and you bust his/hers balls by dropping a dime or you happen to make a mistake and someone decides to drop a dime on you just to bust your balls. This is gonna cause a huge a problem as I think we will see an increase of calls that are useless dead ends.